Report Counterfeits

Watch out for fakes!
ZeroChroma cases are created from our completely unique technologies and designs. As a result our products do things that have never been done before - so we get copied a lot, despite having rock solid patents. To protect ourselves and to protect you, we constantly monitor the internet for the low-quality copycat cases and counterfeit technologies that are periodically found online. While it’s nice that these companies think so highly of us, we must, of course, put a stop their illegal activities, as fast as possible.

We don’t only want to protect your phones and tablets, we want to protect you from spending money and time on poor quality copycats. To avoid shady situations, we suggest you buy your ZeroChroma stuff directly from our website (, or from one of our authorized resellers, such as Best Buy. Your authentic ZeroChroma cases and mounts come with a one-year warranty – not so for the impostors. We have your back if our products fails and needs to be replaced. But if your fake fails? We can only offer our condolences.

Thanks for reporting copycat fakes! Fakes hurt our business, and consume your time and money. Thank you for helping us by e-mailing us at, if you see anything suspicious.