About Us

We are humble revolutionaries… when it comes to cases for mobile electronics. Experience tells us that fundamental improvement comes from fresh, disruptive innovation. And that the best innovation should seem obvious and relatively simplistic, after it is discovered. We also know that the phenomenon, known as discovery, comes from a curious blend of mental curiosity, determination, intuition and, truth be told, a bit of natural irritation with the status quo.

These zones of discovery are where we live, breath and contemplate. The name, ZeroChroma, was chosen to celebrate this explicit focus on functional innovation, before we focus on colors and patterns. We hope to inspire, but most of all, we hope to make your life a bit better than it was, the moment before you met us.

We push ourselves to create solutions that are fresh, intuitive and hopefully, essential. All of our solutions benefit from an effortless refinement, informed by clean visual lines, a clear purpose, and an ultra-slim profile – yet they also represent a unique functional leap, and an industry-first.

We want you to know that we are different. This difference goes well beyond the fact that we don’t abide by frivolous variation, or that we are driven to create things that enable you and us to pull more pleasure from our day. We believe that good business can only be achieved when people, planet and prosperity are in balance. To that end, we will be pursuing our B-corporation certification (www.bcorporation.net) and other global best practices.

Each ZeroChroma team member makes the following commitment:

  • I deliver on the trust placed in me
  • I require others to deliver on the trust I place in them, yet share responsibility for their success
  • I make myself and those around me noticeably better, even though I occasionally fail
  • I find a way over, under, around or through any obstacle, and inspire the same in others
  • All of my actions & my company’s products, practices and its pursuit of profits are positive press