iPhone 5/5s

VarioProtect 5/5s

This iPhone 5 / 5s case, like the iPhone 4S variant, will fortify your phone from everyday shocks and keep its smooth good looks for the life of the case.

Our Theater-Stand 360
Hides within the case

(although “hides” is probably
a bit strong, since it really
isn’t afraid of anything)

You Like Details?

360°11-Angle Theater-Stand
 Landscape & Portrait Modes
Shock Protective TPU Body
• Rubberized, Grippy, Anti-Slip
Fold-Flat, Hidden Features
 Highly Scratch Resistant
 Ultra-Durable Exterior Shell
Slim: 4.99″ x 2.46″ x 0.498″
Light: 0.058 lbs (26.4 grams)

This Case Likes
To take Pictures
of Iced Tea.

We Agree.
It’s a bit odd.

Theater-Stand 360°

Rotate. Pick an Angle

360° Rotation, with 90° Indexing
11-Angles in Portrait + Landscape
Slim, Fold-Flat Design
Rubberized, Grippy Stand-Tip

Siri, Remind me
to buy Hot Pink
nail polish.

iPhone 5/5s


The Black VP5′s are currently on back-order, but are available at your local Apple Store.

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