iPad 2/3/4

Vario-SC 2/3/4

Stand. Sit. Lounge. Walk. Teach. Coach. Read. Watch. Play. With more functions than a swiss army knife, your Vario-SC will always fit your need.

Push Play to
See Me In

I’m Yours, If You Like:

 360°, 11-Angle Theater-Stand
 Smart Cover Companion
• Landscape & Portrait Modes
 Shock-Protective TPU Body
• Handle, Table & Lap Modes
 Fold-Flat, Hidden Features
 Highly Scratch Resistant
 Unlimited Handles-Modes
 Slim: 9.69″ x 7.44″ x 0.50″
 Light: 0.279 lbs (126.5 grams)

The Slim Vario-SC
Will Make Her Smile

(Or Is That Her
Ex’s Facebook Post?)

Theater-Stand 360° x11 Angles

Rotate. Pick an Angle.

360° Rotation, with 90° Indexing
11-Angles in Portrait + Landscape
Handle-Modes for walking, coaching, etc.
Lap-Modes (With Apple’s  Smart Cover)
Rubberized, Grippy Stand-Tip

Makes Your iPad
Part of Your LIfe

(And Lets You Blast
Mötley Crüe For
Other Shoppers)

iPad 2/3/4

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